The Party


Dream: Saturday, October 30, 2004

By Jeannette L. Vetter

This past year I have increased praying for our country and for President Bush. This has been intense prayer on my part and the participating prayer partners who have also felt the urgency to pray. We have been praying without ceasing throughout the days, weeks, and months, and are doing what we know we must do – to stand and pray.

Yesterday was a normal day for me as I unpacked the last of my Mother’s personal things to place in my own home. I could see the end of the long rigid path ahead that I have been on these last 2 years since the death of my parents. During my day, I found a sweet little treasure my mom had stored for me that was hidden for this day alone. I had kept my word to God and her. These were my thought as I prayed later on that evening. As the night progressed, I talked to God thanking Him for His comfort and discussed the day’s events. I asked questions about what I was reading, and most of all I told Him I loved Him beyond any words I could express. I then nodded off to sleep.

Sometime during the early morning hours (I know this because I awoke right after the dream and it was morning) Jesus awakened me by saying, “Jeannette come with me to the party.” I was immediately walking up a long flight of steps that led up to this beautiful house. As I was walking to the top, I could see the eloquent setting of a buffet of serving trays with meats, fish, warming dishes with little candles underneath, wine, cheese, fine linens, silver, breads, and so forth. I have never seen nor been to such an exquisite party. As I was looking at the banquet before me, the table, the people, the setting, the servants, etc. the Lord said, “Look through the opening at the end of the corridor and see what I have brought you here for.”

I could see and hear as if I was walking together with someone. This is what transpired before me as I was brought spiritually up close. (I was still standing at my place by the table, but I was also hearing and seeing a mini vision about President Bush within this dream.) I could see President Bush walking alone upon the last part of the sidewalk. Just as he placed his foot upon beautiful lush green lawn, I heard him praying very intensely. I heard only part of the prayer between him and God. This is the part I heard, “Oh, God, help me and my country for these are perilous times for us as a nation. Guide me; give me wisdom to make wise choices that will affect my county and the people.” I could no longer hear the rest of his prayer. I saw the president fall on his knees and his hands hit the grass. I saw his head hanging low with tears flowing down his cheeks. His eyes were closed, his face was despaired, and at the same time, he was having an intense conversation with God.

At this point, I could see the President weakening on his knees as he was pleading before God. I heard the Lord say to me, “Jeannette take the meat I have placed in your hand to the president. (No food from the table that was before me was given to the president.) Say nothing to him, but go quickly and give him the meat.” I immediately left the area where there was some lighting for the party. I walked through the crowd of people that stood in the partially lighted areas, and I noticed a path was made for me to reach him.

As I came to the president, heaviness from being burdened had overcome the president. He was weakening by his prayer to God. I gave him the small portion of meat that was on the plate I carried. There was no acknowledgement from him as he took it, nor did I say anything to him as instructed by God. The president ate the meat. As he ate it, the darkness dissipated and lifted from around us. While still upon his knees praying, we were surrounded by agents with armors of light. The agents engulfed us. They were shoulder to shoulder and the glorious light of God streamed down upon the President. The area was flooded with the presence of God and his agents. I saw God on His throne speaking to the president through the white light that shown brighter than the sun upon all of us. He spoke through the light to the president. I knew by the increasing intensity of the light of Glory of God upon us that the Lord of Hosts had given the message that the President alone had asked. All agents of God surrounded the President and were readied to guard and defend the orders that God had given to the President. Their mission is to see that those orders are carried out.

The President arose in this light and was strengthen. I was standing in front of him and God told me to walk ahead him and take note of evil. All the agents walked with us, and we were completely engulfed by the light of God and His agents. As the President step his foot from the green lush grass, which was on the small knoll, to go to where the party was, the secret governmental agents also joined the agents of God. He had double agents earthly and heavenly guarding him.

As instructed, I noted evil in different people as God pointed it out to me. Two women came up to me, first one then the second one. The first one was a peculiar woman (she was consumed with wickedness) who said, “What are you doing here? Get away from here. I will speak hell upon you.” I turned and walked away while her husband physically held her back from attacking me. I was only to note the evil and not converse with anyone as God instructed me to do. The second woman was the President’s wife. She came up to me and said, “George is a very special man and compassionate. He loves God and his country and was appointed for this time.”

I noted the evil in certain people. Their outer image portrayed persons of some importance, but on the inside, they were ravenous vultures. The last scène I saw was the President shaking hands and talking light heartily at the party, even with the vultures who were seething with anger on the inside. The vultures stood under the glory light displaying two faces, one towards God and the other towards the president. At this point I woke up.

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