Pillar of Heaven


Vision: August 28, 2000


Holy Temple
  I was observing a conversation that was taking place between two people I knew. I noticed how relaxed the elder person was sitting down as they discussed doctrinal differences. The elder person whose voice was not condescending nor confrontational was gentle and confident as they talked. On the other hand the younger one seemed very adamant and at times grew impatient with their difference of view about the Bible. I stood in silence praying because they didn't acknowledge my presence. Both were very engrossed in their exchange. I seemed to move away from them into another space, and as I did their voices grew muffled. I was very concerned for both my friends, my heart so wanted peace and love. I was praising the Lord in my heart, for I didn't want to disturb such stillness and calmness that I felt in this sphere of time. All sounds of the earth became silent. My heart was praising as I bowed my head and folded my hands in front in prayer. I heard the Lord say to me in a booming voice, "Jeannette, lift your head towards heaven." I lifted my head up. The Lord said, "Jeannette, lift your hand up." I did so. As my eyes looked up towards the sound of the Lord's voice I could see the sound osculating towards me in waves. He said, "Jeannette, reach for the pillar." At His words the heavens opened up and flowing down thru the waves of sound and lighting came the pillar of heaven. The Lord said, "Jeannette, grab the top of the pillar." I did so. As the pillar and my hand joined together, I heard the elder person say, "Look at Jeannette's face."
Pillar animation
I had the pillar in my hand and I looked at both of my friends. The younger one said to me, "I want the pillar to examine it." I looked up into heaven and asked the Lord if it was Ok, to give the pillar to him for examination. He said, "Yes, Jeannette, but he must not keep it nor look inside of the pillar." I said in a very stern manner, "You may examine the pillar but you must not look inside nor may you keep it. I must have it back." He said,"I have some friends who want to look at it. I will not look inside. "I gave him the pillar, but he held it from the bottom and threw it in a white construction truck. In the truck were these tools: squares, levels, plumb lines, saws, sextant, and scaffolding.

There were also educational books, Bibles, Church History, encyclopedias, books by great men, and many, many books. I could not see all of the titles. I was very distressed at how he carelessly handed the pillar.

I then turned to walk away. As I turned I heard the Lord calling me. "Jeannette come to Me." My steps were upon the sands of the sea. I was dressed in a long white cloak that completely covered me. Neither the strong winds nor the threatening skies made me turn back. I knew that this was the hand of God and I was somewhere in time. As I walked, the sands seemed to disappear. I was on the edge of the earth. The sea was violent and in a rage. The clouds were building up and were black with lightning shooting between them. I looked at the edge of the seashore and the waves were washing over two men. They were catatonic, but they were face up looking at the heavens. They were alive, but as if they were dead men. My Lord said to me, "Jeannette take the pillar from the man." I said, "Yes, my Lord." As I reached to take the pillar the clouds rumbled and lightning traced the sky from cloud to cloud. I was careful only to place my hand on the top of the pillar. "Lord, what happened to these men?" My Lord said, "They looked inside of the pillar." I turned with the pillar in my hand; the lightning and the power of heaven followed the pillar. The sand and the men disappeared behind me as I slowly walk back towards earth.


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Jesus Christ





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