The Red Book


Jeannette L. Vetter
March 7, 2000

As the dream opened, I saw myself sitting at a long table. There were many people approaching the table in a line. After seeing myself smile, I then became a part of the dream. At the exact moment I became a participant in the dream, a messenger angel appeared and the red books, which were given to people in the line at the table I was attending. I noticed that the scene was taking place in a huge building. Lee was talking to some of the people in line. She then walked up to the front of the building and gathered some of her papers preparing to speak. There was perfect order not only in the line, but also inside this huge building. There were lots of tables vertical to the one I was sitting at, and many people of all different races sat at them. There were families, young and old men and women, and people bound in chains. This puzzled me. Some at the vertical tables gathered in-group discussions. Some were reading their book with the red cover. Some were reading their red books and very gingerly rubbed their fingers lightly over the title of their red book.

As I was studying one person looking at his red book, I heard the angel call my name and looked to my right. He was standing there in full white raiment with a sash around his middle and sandals on his feet. I vaguely perceived his outline, and I could tell it was not important for me to note his physical presence or appearance. What was important was understanding what he wanted me to do and the task at hand. I heard him speak to me. The others could not hear him. I saw his lips move with a gentle smile but there was no audible voice. It was not like anything on earth. I understood him say, "Jeannette, look at the person standing before you, and as each one steps up in front of you, I want you to hand them their red book." At this, I did as I was instructed. I looked at the person in front of me. Then I looked to the messenger angel on my right, and at this precise moment, a beautifully bound red book appeared in his hands.

On the cover of the red book appeared some type of heavenly writing in raised white letters. I took the red book from the angel's hand ever so gently, handling it with awe at what I saw and what I was witnessing. The holy angel was extremely gentle with me, because he knew that I knew the magnitude of what I was doing. There was a flow of the presence of God. I was His handmaiden mediating between Him and His people. In a quiet humble way, so as not to disrupt with words or quick movements, I handed each person his or her red book. Some people were reverend, others were speechless, and some wept tears of joy. The ones with chains around their arms and feet clutched their red books to their chest and lowered their heads while walking over to their assigned place at the tables.

As I noticed each person and studied their actions, I was appalled by the behavior of some people. I was handing out each red book to them, because the angel was saying their names to me only as they stepped up to the table. I watched this one person as she looked at her red book and threw it on the ground. Her children followed after her saying, "Mommy, no come back." She did not come back, and these children were very sad. I also saw her husband stomp on his book and grind it into the floor with his foot. Some people uncaringly walked away from their red book leaving it on the table. Others joined in discussion about what was in their books, and many left in groups murmuring in disgust.

I picked up one of the discarded red books, which was opened on the ground, and noticed how the beautiful parchment paper was tattered. I observed that the owner of this book had not signed it on the line where they were to place their signatures. The scrolled writing to them on the front page of their red book was beautiful. I was grieved at this scene. I clutched the book in my hand and ran after the group to talk to them about the importance of their decision. One turned and spoke venomously, "How dare you give me this book that is lies. I did many things and they are not written in the book." Her past came up before me and I saw that she served mightily upon the earth in the church. She was highly regarded in her community and carried great weight in decision-making at the corporation where she worked. Her husband held great power and authority as well, not only in the church they belonged to but also at his corporation. Both of them turned and swore at me and at the Almighty God with clutched fist. At their words, they were removed and blotted out from my presence.

In the huge building, I saw many people sign their red books. These people held their books in such a manner that I knew they esteemed them. At this point, I saw it was time to go. I heard the messenger angel tell me to follow them to the docks where ships were waiting to take them to the other side. I could see across time to heaven, oh my, how excited we were about our designation. While they were gathering to go, I was flying above them looking ahead of the ship and watching to make sure they stayed on course and that their ship did not stir into dangerous waters.

Before they enter the ships, there was another workmen angel who crossed off their names in his book as they boarded. I noticed a man who was bound by chains and whom I had seen in the huge building. As I focused on him, I saw his chains fall to the ground. I had wanted to make sure he was unchained, and to my delight, the Lord allowed me to see his release. I thought thank you Lord, no one is bound on this trip. He said,


As the ships started their journey I flew high above and directed the ships. At times I came close enough to see the passengers, I would tell them what was ahead and not to lose heart. I warned the Captains what was ahead and told of swirling dark waters. The ships steamed ahead on a straight course. Often I flew in advance and could see mountains and gardens in Heaven. I would continually tell the saints of God to stay the course. They talked of what was further on. I encouraged them, and sometimes I would hear them praying and singing songs to the LORD. On occasion, I would fly back to the next ship at the docks for the next steamship to load for the journey. I did this many times and always I was able to watch each ship and its load of Saints, protecting them and helping them discern what the command of the LORD was.

I witnessed the steamship first in line land at the docks of heaven. What a sight! I heard a band of angels sing to the Saints of God as they landed. I noticed the delight of animals and the Heavenly Kingdom of God raised a mighty chorus of Hallelujah's to the Father at the joy of the arrival of God's children to the gates Heaven. Because they had arrived safely, my job was finished. I flew back across the seas to make sure that the rest of God's steamships crossed safely and to keep a watch over them. This was my assigned task, and I wanted to please my Lord. He had assigned me a job and I knew that I must do it according to His word and His will. I had heard His voice and must listen and do what He told me to do. I was not disheartened that I could not join the Saints at the brink of Heaven. My heart was filled with joy that they had reached their destination safely. My thoughts were on the ships of God and His people who were aboard. I returned in flight to watch and encourage the journey of the rest of the Saints that were dear to me and to God. They had their red books in hand and held them tenderly. Every Saint who had received their books and had given their names to God was on course and those who had arrived first and those who were coming.


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