Vision: March, 2004
By Jeannette L. Vetter

This vision left me heavy with grief and sorrow because of the despairing situation into which I was drawn. However, joy at the end helped to lessen the drain on my soul.


After a hard day of work in the yard and doing my usual studies of the Bible, I laid down my book on my nightstand. I talked with God about what I was learning and other personal matters. Then I went to sleep.

I was asleep when an angel appeared. He woke me up and said, “The Lord has instructed me to take you to a certain place.” I said, “May it be as my Lord has instructed you.” Then I found myself by his side as we flew through space. We seemed to travel through interlocking gates, (I know not how many), but the time forward was short because so fast.

The angel that brought me to the point in the future placed me gently under an extended awning of a hotel. I looked around and I could tell that at one time it was a very exclusive hotel. It was in a run down shape as if it had been bombed or attacked, for the exterior was missing windows and bricks, roof tiles, etc. As I was looking, I noticed the surroundings were dreary and a fog seemed to be settling in. As I looked around, the angel left. I noticed that on my left another person was there with me. I felt connected to the person, but at the same time, I did not know who it was or the person’s name. I knew in my spirit that this person had traveled by my side here, and I saw that we had on identical uniforms.

I looked to my right and the angel that spoke to me at home appeared again. As He spoke to me, I realized that there were two angels for this mission. He said, “Jeannette, behold your reel.” I looked beyond the building and around its corner a reel came flying towards me. I reached out and caught it as it was coming by, and tucked it under my arm. The angel said, “Go out into the street and look up.” I stepped forward and all three of us walked a few steps to the street.

As I stepped down into the street, I heard God’s voice from heaven. He said, “Jeannette, this is your life’s reel. I will rain down the life of everyone’s reels. Look and see the reels for they will fall as rain.” At His words, they came down everywhere. They dropped by people wherever they were. I saw some tumble by people who did not pick them up. I saw some in the streets crushed while others lay in the gutter angled as if they were saying to the person I belong to you. Most of the people seemed oblivious to their message from God, and did not bother to find out what was on their life’s reel. As I watched in despair at their response to God’s call, I was troubled. God said, “Jeannette, the reel in your hand is your life and the work of God.” I then noticed that some reels were small and some big; some were tattered, and some opened and exposed with no thought as to the reel’s destruction. Some reels that were opened were still being written on. Then suddenly it stopped raining reels. It was very quiet and eerie almost like something horrible was going to take place in the dark dawn of this world.


Just as suddenly as the silence came, the noise of darkness replaced the silence. Darkness was the world order now. I saw famine, hunger, and killing; and crimes of humanity ruled for the hearts of men were cold. Sickness and death were common, and people who were still alive appeared emptied of life. After the transition from life to temporal death, the angel said, “Walk with me.” As I walked through this city with him, I was speechless. The splendor of government buildings was gone. You could tell they were at one time beautifully designed. Gardens no longer were blooming, and where there were flowers before, now there were thorns and rotten bushes. Trees were chopped down to keep people warm by the fires that were built in the streets and on the once green lawns. Iron fences had been built around the buildings to keep the masses out. People were trying to get inside the controlled premises because the iron fences were noticeably bent over. The guards inside the premises had machine guns and rifles slung over their shoulders. The soldier’s uniforms were tattered and you could tell they were not always that way. Their eyes were piercing and everyone had the same faceless look of hardship. They were all empty souls.

As the three of us approached this center of control, we walked right through the iron fences. They were closed and locked but that could not stop us. It was then I realized that none of these people knew we were there.

As we walked towards the guards, I saw a pleasant looking woman sitting by the fires. It was obvious she was with the guards. She had a warm glow, a white light that shown on her face. It was a countenance of love and compassion, but she was confused as to what had happened here. I also thought this and wondered if she was the only one here who loves God! The angel said, “Listen to her prayer.” I could hear her praying, “Oh God, I don’t understand what has happened to us and what will happen to us. I commit my soul to you. I love you Jesus, I love you.” She was crying, but it wasn’t for herself. She was crying for God as she spoke over and over of her love for Him. The guards were nervous as the crowds outside spit at her and spoke slurring remarks about her when they heard her pray. Not one slurring remark or physical gesture touched her, however. She had a shield around her. (I saw the glory of the Holy Spirit surrounding her.)

As she finished praying, I looked passed her, and around the corner of the building I noticed a woman whose head was covered in a shawl wrapped around her face. Her child was with her, and I saw her hand drop down ever so lightly to comfort and quiet the child as she looked up at her mother. As I looked into her eyes, which were intensely gazing at me, I knew she wanted me to follow her. I then heard the angel say to me, “Let us follow her.” All three of us passed the weeping woman by the fire and then moved past the guards to the corner of the building where the woman and child were standing amongst soldiers. As soon as we were close to where she was standing, she disappeared. As we stepped into the exact spot she was standing, we too disappeared to the mountaintops.

The mountaintops and peaks were desolate and cold. It was very steep and dangerous. There was only one path to the cottage and we were standing in front of it surrounded by the perils of the wilderness all around us. The three of us walked up the small incline towards the cottage. The ground was hard with stones and rocks. The air up there was bitter cold. I looked at the small cottage. It consisted of rotten boards with the outside walls in need of repair. The cracks let in the biting air from outside which chilled you to the bone. The chimney had smoke pouring out of it. The wooden roofs were also old and splintered from the weather.

We entered into the room. Inside were the woman and her child. Many others also were here. The men had beards and were haggard looking with torn clothes. Some had shoes, but others had torn cloth wrapped around their feet. They had come many miles to this place. They were cold, hungry, and some had frostbite. Inside the cottage, the air was filled with the preaching of the gospel and the message of salvation. There were no more tears left to cry for many had already lost their loved ones at the beginning of the siege upon earth. I heard all who had come here commit their lives to God. They knew that this was the last place left to hear the gospel of hope. It was a matter of time before their fate would be as the people left in the lower parts of the earth. The cottage was warm even though there were many cracks to permit the warmth to escape. A pot of soup hung in the fireplace, and the server passed around what food they had to the new comers to this cottage. Some people tended to wounds and wrapped blankets around the sick.

I heard a commotion above me in the ceiling of the cottage. I saw wood pieces of the roof falling down and thought, “Oh, the rain will get in upon the people.” I looked up and felt the rain upon my face. The hand of the angel with us pulled me through the roof hole and placed my feet upon the roof. He said, “Behold, for the Lord opens the way for you to see and watch what is to come.” This is what I saw:


The rain was pouring down upon beautiful swaying wheat fields that filled the valley below. The darkness covering the earth below was dispelled by the light that exploded as a brilliant burst. The wheat tassels were full and the wind was swaying them as the wave of God’s breath/wind blew across the land.

Lights appeared from the tassels and joined the light of God as one. The whole earth was filled with the glory of God. The glory filled my whole being, and I was filled with the light as I watched it consume me. As I watched this, I was aware of two times which were here in the now. There were the brilliant waves upon the tassels of wheat becoming light. The joining together of God’s brilliance having been dispersed upon the full tassels of wheat in the field filled the whole earth. The light filled the whole valley and came upon us as well. I awoke when the light consumed me and I became one with the light of God.

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