The Dragon
Prayer and Vision

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Jeannette L. Vetter




Lee and I were praying for our nation, United States of America, President Bush, and the leaders of our country. We were praying for wisdom, forgiveness, and comfort for the families lost in the tragedy of the terrorists' attacks in NYC, and the Pentagon. As we were interceding on behalf of our nation, when Lee spoke, "Bring not judgment upon America." I was very solemn and in the spirit of the Lord. I was here praying, but at the same time, I was taken to another dimension. The following vision appeared:

My eyes saw a great dragon at the bottom of the ocean. I saw he was aroused from his slumbering. He lifted upon his feet and raised his head. It appeared as if he heard a command to rise. He looked through the miry waters from the depths of the ocean and with great power shot to the surface. As the dragon broke the surface of the ocean, he lifted his wings high in a preflight stance like a bird perched upon a branch getting ready to lift itself or a helicopter that you see hovering. He was above the ocean about midway between heaven and earth. His wings were spread wide opened to the fullest extent they could reach.


He opened his mouth to pour out fire from his throat. I saw his frontal view. As the Dragon was hovering over the ocean, I heard and saw unseen arrows. (How I knew they were invisible arrows, is because I could see the atmosphere flowing over the shapes of the objects. They were all the same shape and size, flying towards him in waves. Just like as if you threw a rock in the middle of the pond and the ripples began in waves outward.). He had a startled look upon his despicable face, for he was caught off guard and unprepared for the following events:
Animation of a fire breathing dragon.


Heavenly Arrows
The waves of invisible arrows all were traveling in perfect wavelengths, one after another. Their target was a direct hit and aimed at the dragon. As thousands upon thousands of arrows flew towards the beast, they wounded him. The first strike was from one wing tip across the chest, to the other wing tip in a straight horizontal line. All those waves of arrows followed. Each wave had it destined target. The first wavering of the beast, was when the invisible arrows hit his wings.

The arrows had torn and ripped its skin. The Dragon continued to spew fire out of its mouth. The direct line of arrow waves continued to hit its wings. Then on the other side of its wings was hit at the shoulder, but the wing still sustained massive hits. Then the waves of arrows came in faster and faster, and in greater volumes, one wave after another. Thousands upon thousands of waves of invisible arrows struck the beast all over his body. As he roared and reared his head high, I saw that he was trying to speak to the other previously unseen heads that was upon his body, urging to rise from their sleep. It was as if he was giving the command for them to come to life, and overcome the attack of the invisible waves. He could not see what was hitting him. He was completely covered with arrows, but still he breathed fire. The invisible arrows did not stop. Then God's Heaven, moved above him, pushing the dragon down into the sea (I noticed that the dragon never touched heaven as heaven approached). God's Heaven pushed the dragon down with tremendous force into the sea.

Heavenly Arrows
God's Heavenly Arrows Defeats The Dragon

Defend the Right

The Kiss
  Psalms 130
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