Tidal Wave
Jeannette L. Vetter

(Week of April 25th 2011)

  Just before I went to bed I was reading Psalm 91 over Johnny my son who is stationed in Afghanistan. Then I laid my Bible down and set my heart in praying and in repentance for our country, and as I drew to a close in my prayer time I was weeping love to my beloved Lord. I had been doing this for quite some time over the past year and was continuing this prayer mediation this evening as I pleaded with Him for not only our country, but for Christians to turn their hearts to Him in repentance. I ended my prayer with these words, against you alone I have sinned Oh, Lord, In Jesus Name. Amen!
Holy Bible
Tidal Wave and  the Earth


As soon as I finished my last word I took a deep breath to gather myself from my tears and quiet myself upon my bed. As I started to drift off to sleep I heard my Heavenly Father speak these words, “There is going to be a tidal wave.” At the sound of His voice I was taken to the outer atmosphere of earth and saw the globe. From where I was placed in this night vision, I could see the earth was swirling with clouds but the oceans on the earth were very calm with deep blue waters. My attention was drawn from the North Pole down to the South Pole. The waters between the pole’s rose up gathering together in a heap touching the heavens just above the earth. The tidal wave was facing the western hemisphere of the earth which included: the North Pole, Canada, United States, Mexico, Central America, South America and the South Pole.





  After I saw the drawing of the waters upward come to its completion. I was then bought to the earth and looked at the tidal wave from the side. This is what I heard and saw in the order it was shown to me: The crest of the tidal wave began rolling forward with a great force, and the sound was as roaring water and howling wind. At the white froth of the wave's crest were thousands of Christian churches. I could see the steeples within the froth. Each Christian church was within the froth. I could see the Cross upon the tops of the steeples above the froth. The crosses were reaching to touch the heavens above the earth. Not one church building, steeple, or cross was destroyed. All were intact, soaking, and became one with the wave. I saw people who were in the wave completely in awe of what was happening to them. Then the tears of joy flowed, and the voice of praises that has never been heard on earth before until this moment of waves of words to the Lord Almighty arose resounding throughout the whole earth. Cries and tears flowing down each face. There were so many people I could not number them gathering in this wave as it swept them in.  
  Only one stood out and her cries and her face were of complete inward love that her very being existed with each breath for God, for she was the first one I saw the tidal wave gather into itself. She stood out through the whole vision. Every person that jumped, dove, swam, or leaped into the wave, her heart would beat towards God for them. This was a continuing wave of God's love for all were one with Him. The tidal wave began to build ever so strong as the people became one with the wind and the voice of God's voice calling them to Him.
"Her heart would beat towards God for them"
  In the third and final scene I found myself standing on the shore of a beach (Note: it was America’s shore line facing the Atlantic Ocean), watching and looking up at the tidal wave of people and the church's crosses. I heard 2 men, maybe 3, shaking their fist at the tidal wave and cursing the wave and the people who were praising God. I heard them in an unknown language that I could not understand. They spit at the tidal wave and the people. They vomited vehement words beyond human understanding displaying hatred for God and the people. They were attired with flowing robes and scrolls were standing beside them on the sand. They were speaking with great authority and threatening all those who would not bow to them and who would not kneel, for if they didn’t, their lives would not be spared. I heard these words in English after they spit their curses again this time with the power of death. Then the sound of the wave's wind began to gather and blow against everyone on shore. I saw one man leave the counsel of men and dive into the wave.  
Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee by Rembrandt va Rijin 1632


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