Top of the World

  by Jeannette L. Vetter
Dream: March 11,2004
  I had an urgent trip to make to Houston on Tuesday of March. My visit went well and we were pleased at the outcome of events. Later that evening after much prayer and the salvation of two young adults, we were exhausted from the emotional excitement of the day. We all went to bed. After some time of sleep, the Lord awoke me and called me to the top of the world. I looked around and saw how the earth was shaped. I could see layers on the earth’s crust. The outer shell, the thin layer before the core, and the center of the earth.
Cut out view of Earth
  The top of the earth was cut off making it appear like a shelf on which something could sit. Upon the shelf-like top, I saw a statue set in place. It was there the whole time, but it was as I though I was seeing it for the first time. The focal point was not the statue itself but the underside of the base and upward. The Lord said, “Jeannette, do not touch the under belly. I want you to start working at the knees.” I was underneath looking up at this huge statue in a sitting posture with its feet placed upon the earth. It covered the whole earth from rim to rim. I noticed its structure as I looked from underneath up the leg and over to the hip area. It had bands of iron around the joints or some substance that looked like iron. However, from the knees to the feet its appearance was multi-colored glass. From the knee to the waist, it also looked like colored glass. Look at the drawing below:

Statue sitting on the Earth

Iron like band around the knee area. Brand strap attached to knee and at hip joint together. The iron pieces held together the colored glass as the body mass.
  The Lord said, “Jeannette, look.” A ladder appeared at the point in the middle of the knee iron joint. He then said, “Jeannette, climb the ladder.” When He had spoken these words, a chisel and hammer appeared in my hands. I proceeded to climb the ladder as instructed by God. I came to the top and the Lord spoke these words. “Jeannette, do not strike a blow to the belly of the statue. The point of the blows is to be placed just above the knee of the idol. I did as God instructed me. I pounded the first blow and the force of the blow shook in my hands filtering down through me to the earth and shaking the earth.
  As I was still looking up and in the same instance my hammer hit the first blow, shards of colored glass came down falling past my face to the ground. I drew back for the second blow but before I could strike it, in came storm troopers or soldiers seemingly to the aid of the statue. They marched in duck like or robotic fashion. I hit the tip of the chisel a second time and the earth shook with great force. Persian Warriors
With this blow, the earth shook in a more vibrating way. This signaled for the priests and prophets of this statue to come in. They came in disarray as if they had been asleep and were awakened to the shakings of the statue and the earth. As I drew back for the third blow, I saw them all wailing with anguish on top of the earth. Their faces were wretched with fear. As the pieces of shard glass fell upon the earth, it shook the world with great violence causing it to topple back and forth, in like manner as a top does when its spin becomes slower and slower leading to a fall. I noticed that the statue was destroyed from the footings to the hip area, and while I was watching the pieces of colored glass fall past me upon the earth, I awoke.


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