Vision: 9:30 AM, Tuesday, August 12,1997

by Jeannette L. Vetter





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I was praying with Lee when the vision occurred. Toward the end of our prayer time Lee asked for wisdom, discernment, and understanding for us both. Then she prayed for Israel. Upon the mention of the word "Jerusalem" my spiritual eyes were opened. I commenced watching a scene as I would on a television screen. I was not part of the vision. I clearly saw the movie-like film flow across the canvass of my mind. It flowed smoothly in color and in detail.

A giant black book that was closed appeared. The words HOLY BIBLE were engraved on it in gold, and they completely filled the entire cover. Suddenly a hand appeared on the bottom right side of the cover. I felt a breeze across my right shoulder and then I saw the Bible open up at Genesis. Somehow I knew this book contained the Law from Genesis to Deuteronomy. The hand opened the book and moved from the top right edge to the bottom right edge of each page. It reminded me of a person reading Braille. Although I didn't see the hand transverse the left side of the pages, I knew it had as it began at the top of each right-hand page. At first the hand moved slowly as the soft breeze blew the pages open. During the course of the vision, the speed with which the pages opened and the hand moved increased until it became so fast it was a blur.

Shortly after the vision started something appeared underneath the Bible that looked like a wall. In front of the wall and facing it was a man dressed like a typical orthodox Jew. He was reading from a small black book, which he held with both hands in front of him. He was also holding something else. He concentrated on this little black book and did not notice what was happening to the wall in front of him. I sensed this was a prayer book and he was fervently praying. He was dressed in a black coat and a black top hat, had curly locks of hair hanging down the sides of his face, and was rocking back and forth in rhythm to the movement of the opening pages of the Bible.

I noticed that both ends of the wall were connected to huge cliffs. I saw stones slide down the cliffs along with dirt that was loosening and trickling down as well. The wall itself was constructed of stones and I perceived it was bulging. As the breeze (I believe it was the Holy Spirit's breath) blew open the pages and the Hand (I believe it was God's hand) "read" the scriptures, many of the ensconced stones became loose and appeared as if they were slowly slipping out of place, as if they might pop out at any moment. Those that did protrude looked sun-bleached on the ends but dark and crumbly on the sides where they had been attached to the other stones. The Bible shifted to the top of the screen and centered itself above the wall when the priest appeared. My view was such that I saw a partial profile of the priest and the wall. I saw him mouthing words but heard no sounds. Soon he began to shake the object he was holding and I saw water - or something - come out of it. He was totally oblivious to the bulging wall. The convex curve of the wall enlarged as the flapping pages of the Bible accelerated in velocity. I soon couldn't follow the page and hand movements. I noticed that the rhythm of the praying priest's rocking motion had ceased synchronizing with the Bible's movements. All ended abruptly when Lee stopped praying.

I put my hand to this document this day Tuesday, August 12,1997 to given an account as close as possible to it being true to the vision given to me by God.

Jeannette L. Vetter



Interpretation of The Wall

by Lee Y. Martin, Ph.D.



2 Pet 1:19-21:

19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy, whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:

20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. (KJV)

Isa 60:21-22

21 Thy people also shall be all righteous: they shall inherit the land for ever, the branch of my planting, the work of my hands, that I may be glorified.

22 ...I the LORD will hasten it in his time. (KJV)

Jer 23:20-21

20 The anger of the LORD shall not return, until he have executed, and till he have

21 performed the thoughts of his heart: in the latter days ye shall consider it perfectly. (KJV)

Luke 16:17

17 is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail. (KJV)


Scripture teaches that God is a Spirit. It also teaches that God's Words are spiritual, for Jesus said that the words He spoke unto them, "...they are spirit, and they are life" (John 6:36). We can infer from this that the Bible is a spiritual book. The fact that it is spiritual and that it was written as the Holy Spirit "moved upon" holy men of God (2 Peter 1:21) means that every word was inspired or god-breathed. He breathed into each one of the words His very own life as holy men penned it. Thus the Bible is an eternal book, immutable, and alive.

Earlier in the first chapter of Peter's epistle he wrote about his personal witness of Jesus' glorious transfiguration. We know that it impressed him tremendously because while he was observing the vision he suggested memorials be built to Jesus, Moses, and Elijah in order to preserve the solemn occurrence. Notice that God squelched his suggestion and reproved him as he spoke. Interrupting Peter, God said, "This is my beloved son, hear ye him" (Matthew 17:5). In other words, "Peter, you keep quiet and listen to what my Son says."

It is impossible to have a greater vision than that of seeing our Lord in all His glory. Yet Peter wrote that prophecy written in old time by God's chosen vessels is more important and instructive for believers than to see Jesus in all His magnificence. Visions and revelations, no matter how glorious, are not as certain in establishing truth as God's Holy Scriptures according to Peter. He admonishes us to take heed to prophecy because it is the only thing we can be sure of in this dark world. Men who wrote prophetically could not have known so far in advance of fulfillment that the things they were writing would come to pass. Yet God overshadowed them as they wrote to prove that He is God by telling beforehand the things that would in truth be brought forth. Other so-called gods could not do this (Isaiah 46:9-11 with 41:22-24). Although demonic false gods can cause men to see visions, dream dreams, and receive revelations, sooner or later these false signs lead into error because they are either outright lies or half-truths. We are told, "There is no truth in him (Satan)" (John 8:44). Scriptural prophecies (not personal ones) are points of reference with which to measure the accuracy of events as well as personal prophecies. How can a believer know he is on the right path without a roadmap or a benchmark from which to measure? He cannot. Hence Peter explains in his letter that prophecy is the light believers must have to make right judgments. How do we know that Jesus is who He said He is? We know He is the Savior from prophecy and moreover that the Messiah, the anointed One who was to come, is in fact the one and only Son of God. "...(T)he testimony of Jesus (the witness that Jesus is who He claims to be) is (because of) the (Holy) (S)pirit of (the one Who wrote) prophecy" (Rev. 19:10).




Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy


In other words, check the scriptures and see for yourself Jesus is truly the Messiah whom the scriptures foretold would come. [There are over 300 prophecies in the Old Testament pointing to Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah, the one who would come to save the world.]

We are informed in I Peter 1:19 that prophecy is a light shining in a dark world. God had said that He would protect (or preserve) the way to the tree of life:

Gen 3:24

3 So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep (that is, to guard or protect) the way of the tree of life. (KJV)

He made certain that men had light to see the way by preserving His Word concerning that way:

Ps 12:6-7

6 The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

7 Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever. (KJV)

God has not left us adrift. He has given us direction and counsel in His Holy Scriptures. In fact Peter emphasized in his letter that the written Word is more sure than God speaking from heaven. God spoke, "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased", yet Peter said his personal witness to having heard the voice and having seen the vision was not as important nor useful as a surety for ascertaining truth as knowing God's Holy writtenWord.


Prophect writting a vision...
The Vision

We have seen that there is nothing so important in this world than God's holy written Word. It is our light to life. God said He has magnified His Word above all His name (Psalm 138:2), and we know from Luke 16:17 that not one tiny mark written in the Law will fail. This explains the giant black book Jeannette saw with the words HOLY Bible embellishing its entire cover. The size of it was a sign that something of significance was inside this book to which she was to take heed. Since the vision came with prayer for Israel, it implies God wants His people to heed the warnings written down by inspiration about Israel's portentous future. He found Jeannette (and I) available.

Jeannette saw the Bible open at the beginning in the book of Genesis. She knew the book was a copy of the Tenach or Jewish law written in the Torah. She saw God's hand move rapidly over the words as each page flipped in quick succession. The increasing rapidity of the flapping pages and hand movement, suggest something was happening involving speed or haste. Since God spoke in Jeremiah 1:12, "Thou has seen well and I will hasten my Word to perform it" (i.e., bring it to pass), it is possible He wants us to note that He is speedily doing just that. Scholars tell us that for every prophecy related to Jesus' first coming, there are five prophecies speaking of His Second coming. Hence, much of the Old Testament has yet to be fulfilled. If we are living in the endtime, as many people believe, much scripture has not yet been executed. It is obvious from circumstances throughout the Middle East, and the world, that many prophecies have just recently been realized. Hastening fulfillment of many others is implied in the acceleration with which the pages were turning. Moreover, the hand moving along each page implies that God is determined that no Word or prophecy is going to fail. Every jot and every tittle is being searched out for performance. Notice that it was the books between Genesis and Deuteronomy that the hand was perusing, and these books represent the Jewish Law. All of the other Old Testament books refer back to these five. The messenger of the vision wanted Jeannette to know that He was searching the whole law so as not to leave one jot or tittle unfulfilled (Matthew 5:18).

What appeared underneath the Holy Bible was indeed Jewish. She saw a typical scene observed at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem: an orthodox Jew with typical Jewish attire standing in front of the wall holding a prayer book in his hand and fervently praying while rocking back and forth. It is significant that this traditional Jew was oblivious to what was happening right before his eyes. It is a fact that many Jews are expecting very soon their Messiah whom they believe will save them from their plight. It is of greater significance, however, that the vast percentage of them do not admit to the person of Jesus as their Anointed One who has already come, and hence, do not understand that they are on the verge of a prophesied second coming of Jesus to establish His Eternal Kingdom, which Kingdom will be preceded by great tribulational birthpangs as in the days of their Exodus from Egypt when they were birthed as a nation.

A typical scene observed at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem...


The wall had a curve or bulge in it. More importantly, many stones were protruding ready to pop out at any moment. These were randomly visible throughout the face of the wall. Also, Jeannette saw an earthen embankment on either side with trickling dirt and stones sliding down its steep mound. In other words the embankment supporting the wall was beginning to give way. As the hand accelerates its speed and prophecy is fulfilled, the wall bulges further, and the embankment continues to crack loose. The implication is that there is an increasing amount of pressure behind the wall weakening it. The Israelis' surrounding enemies are relentless in their desire to decimate Israel. With each prophetic utterance fulfilled, the pressure builds, the gathering Islamic storm brews, and the climactic great tribulation about which our Lord forewarned (Matthew 24) becomes more ominous. Scripture after scripture indicates that there will be a terrible time, a great tribulation of which the nation of Israel must partake, indeed, of which the whole world must partake.

There is a crisis in the Middle East and the forces trying to destroy Israel are increasing. There is no way that the tiny little nation of Israel will escape the huge flood prophesied in Revelation 12:15. The wall is crumbling, the embankment is loosening, God's hand is searching out every prophecy to fulfillment, and Israel, represented by the Jewish man, is seemingly unaware that her destiny as programmed and predetermined by scripture is upon her. Isaiah wrote that the Lord would hasten the planting of His people in the land (Isaiah 60:21) in the right time (Isaiah 60:22); and Jeremiah said in the endtime (Jeremiah 23:21), "in the latter days ye shall consider it perfectly." The whole world is aware of an impending doom, and we can see from the vision that God is hastening His Word to perform it. If Israel repents and acknowledges Jesus as her Messiah, she can be protected by God. Scripture predicts that some, although very few, will recognize Jesus as Lord and be supernaturally delivered. Deliverance comes only after the ensuing holocaust flood as scripture foretells. The bulging wall symbolizes the gathering floodwaters of Islamic hatred. It is unfortunate that the prayer terminated when it did because it would have been instructive to know more about the breaking of the dam and the direction of the food. So be it for now. Perhaps God will finish the vision at another time while praying for Jerusalem.



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1. Tear drop in the wall comes from the vision about Israel entitled Foundation. (I)


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Jesus Said I will never leave you or forsake you...

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Dr. Jackson and Robin, Pat, Dan and Ann, Karen, Angie, Melvin and Norma, Julie, Anita, and Lee.




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