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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Open Vision
Jeannette L. Vetter



I was in church and as I began worshiping and praising the Lord with eyes closed, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit lifting me up out of the church building into the heavens. I opened my eyes and saw that I was still worshipping the Lord, but I was not conscious of the church surroundings. I felt my spirit being gently transported to this magnificent waterfall.

I was placed in the middle of a river, and I felt my toes touching the bottom of this river. It was as if the river was washing my feet because the depth was only ankle high. The sensation was soothing and cleansing. I looked up and saw these huge cliffs, and as I was looking at the cliffs, I noticed they were made up of huge cut stones set in place one upon another each one slightly placed back as you would have to do if building stairs. I saw people with their arms uplifted in praise, each person securely planted on each step upward.

The flowing river created a waterfall flowing down over the huge stones, and the rushing water over the stone-stepped cliffs created a roaring sound in unison with the praising of the people. The water was flowing over each person with a slight mist rising up as they praised with words of adoration, singing: “Holy, Holy is the Lord God; Hallelujah to the Lamb of God.” The mist swirled around rising up higher. Note: the river was flowing from the top forming a waterfall and yet the force of this huge waterfall did not knock the people off the stone blocks.

As I was amazed and in bewilderment, I looked higher and higher so I could see the source of the river and what created the waterfall. I was lifted up to see where the beginning of the river formed. It was flowing out of the center of this huge circular sun and the sight filled the whole horizon before me. The light was so brilliant it gently pushed me back down to the river, and my feet gently settled to the bottom of this beautiful river.


Then the light/glory started radiating in waves upon the people and river. The glory pulled the river up the stone cliffs, and as it was pulling upward, the Wailing Wall and the Tower of David appeared in place of the cliff. The water was dripping over the Wailing Wall and the magnificent Tower of David touched the glory. The wall started opening as door gates, and the opening of the gates echoed throughout heaven. I looked up stunned as the glory light spoke my name in radiating waves, “Jeannette, come”. I stepped forward walking on a solid stone walkway upward, and there in the opening of the gate was the whole universe with stars, planets, and galaxies swirling before me. As I was about to step through, I swirled back to church and the worshipping had just finished.

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My Beloved Saviour and Lord Jesus!

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